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Some colors such as purple and blue are hard to display on the net. Purple will not look as bright as displayed.
All scarves machine knitted in stocking stitch,
from yarn which is a blend of acrylic and mohair, rayon, nylon, wool, cotton or other fibers.

Color E

Color E
Our version of Season 12 scarf
(Purple, Gold, Brown, Beige ,Gray, Rust, Green)

Color F (Purple,Mustard,Brown,Camel tan),Gray,Rust,Green)
color b
Color B (Brown,Tan Beige, Rust, Mustard )
New digital photo.
color c
Color C Brown, Tan, Beige, Rust, Mustard, Green)

Our version of Season 18 Scarf
Color D2 in Wine, Paprika Red & Plum
No Photos
Color H (Red, Taupe, Gold, Tan, Green, Brown)

Color A
(Brown ,Tan ,Beige, Red ,Gold(not yellow ),Celery [lt olive])

Color I (Brown, Tan, Beige, Brick Red, Mustard (gold), Gray)
New digital photo. Gray does not look light blue as this photo shows

Color J (Bright Red, Tan, Beige, Gold,Gray, Plum, Brown)

(E-Mail for special color request. Every effort will be made to accommodate.)


Due to contitions beyond our control colors may vary from those shown in the website photos.
Scarf patterns or colors are not exact duplicates, they are our interpertations of famous patterns.

Color lots may vary from month to month.

Due the nature of knit cloth all sizes are approximate.
Knitting length and width will shrink when in storage and expand as worn.

All artwork and patterns Copyright Custom Knits 1997 - 2022 all rights reserved.

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