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Messages we have received from past customers.

Just wanted to say I received my beautiful scarf right on schedule and I love it!! I chose a wizzard scarf in 'random stripes' of 4 different colors... I also made a request in regards to the shades to be used and it was created exactly like I wanted. Even though it's October, we're going through odd 80 and 90 degree temps here in Chicago... I can't wait for it to get just a little cooler so I can show it off! I highly recommend this company! I have been a fan of Tom Baker since the 70's, and have always wanted a scarf like his. Because of that want, I took a chance and ordered from "longscarf". I could not have been more pleased with the scarf I received. The quality is fantastic and the detail to the pattern was exactly as those in the television shows. Thank you for making a childhood dream come true. I also ordered a "wizzard scarf" and was equally satisfied. I plan on ordering again. Amazing scarf. I just got it today and it's perfect. I needed it custom made for a costume, so having it come fast and come perfectly made from such a great and friendly person was awesome. I have been highly recommending this site to my friends who are putting together similar costumes, so the site should be forewarned of an influx of orders of navy blue and white scarves with navy blue fringe. ^_~
I just wanted to tell you that I received the scarf today, and I think it's absolutely PERFECT!!! I had trouble deciding from whom to order a custom scarf, and I must say that I made the right choice in the end. It's gorgeous and done exactly the way I had described!! Very quickly done, too!! I loved the fact that I didn't have to wait months to get such a wonderful quality scarf! Thank you so much! I will be doing all my custom scarf shopping from you from now on. ~Riza I originally found your site while looking for a Doctor Who scarf, but my friends and I are dressing up as Harry Potter characters instead. I like how simple and easy it is to find exactly what I need on your site. And the prices are great. Looking forward to my scarf. I appreciate your business. You are the only site I have found that offers the Raven claw Harry Potter scarf that I will be able to receive in time for the book release.
I received my Harry Potter scarf today and am absolutely overjoyed!  *^_^*  Thank you soooooo much for such for the fast delivery--the scarf is very nice! Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the Dr. Who scarf that you mailed out to me for Christmas. It was perfect and my brother loved it! Thank you again. The Scarf is excellent! The 20ft scarf along with the rest of my costume for a Halloween party was the talk of the crowd. Even had a few people get your website address for their own inquiries. Keep up the good work! Mike Wilson
I received my scarf today. It's very cool. I love the colors and the quality is great. Thanks again. We finally got the scarf, and my boyfriend absolutely loves it. Now he actually looks forward to cold days. Thanks again, Thanks
The package arrived today and I'm delighted with the scarf.
I received the scarf today (Friday the 30th), thank you VERY much. It is perfect and of far better quality than they pictures every could have shown. Keep up the good work and let we know if you need a happy
customer's letter of recommendation or work on your web page!
Thanks again,John
Regarding my scarf. It has arrived and I am very, very pleased. My co-worker was wrapping it around her body Sari-style it was so long. I will be writing in the near future for a custom one.

Thank-you again,


The scarf is FANTASTIC and my daughter loves it. Much thanks !!!!
I got the scarves last Friday in the mail and love them, they are very, very cool. Thank you very much and please pass my thanks along to the appropriate people. They are very nice and very well made. I am sure
to get a lot of great use out of them.

Thanks again,
I got the scarves last Friday in the mail and love them, they are very, very cool. Thank you very much and please pass my thanks along to the appropriate people. They are very nice and very well made. I am sure to get a lot of great use out of them.

Thanks again,

Adam 11/98
I ordered from Australia and was a bit worried that everything would go smoothly. But when I voiced my concerns, the web page administrator was very helpful and kept in touch with me to make sure my scarf arrived safely. It only took about ten days express. And the scarf itself was fabulous quality. I haven't had any regrets (except perhaps that our exchange rate is so bad at the moment!). Desolee
(anyone who is concerned about ordering from overseas is welcome to email me)
Thank you very much. The scarf was exactly what I wanted, and have been looking for. I was very excited today because it was finally cold enough for me to where it out! All I can say is....WOW! ! ! I have never seen such detail and accuracy in a scarf. And I like the machine knit as apposed to a hand knit. Thank you so much!

ps: can you tell I like it? thanks again! mts


I just want to tell you how wonderful my scarf is. No matter where I go I either get people commenting on how cool it is, or they know right off the bat and say "Doctor Who!!" In any event I have not meet a person yet who has not asked for the URL to order one! Thank you ever so much!!
My son loves his scarf (is wearing it at this moment). Thanks for
facilitating the order.
I had just received the Doctor Who scarf today and I must say that it is very nicely made. I would definitely recommend others to buy from you. I had bought a similar scarf from the 800-trekker store and the quality of that one is no comparison to yours. In other words it was over priced and it sucks. I must say that your service and prices are quick, affordable, and just plain great! Bottom line if I would buy another Doctor scarf for
myself or anyone else you would be who I would come too.
Thanks again,
The scarf has arrived, and it is quite striking. I appreciate the care instructions that came knotted on the fringe as well. Wore it around outside the office for a while.. Some people caught the obvious precedent- Tom Baker's "Doctor" from the "Doctor Who" series- but most were just.. Admiring. This is a_very_ distincitve piece of apparel.

Thanks a lot!


I got my scarf a few days before Christmas. It is beautiful, thank you so much for getting it
to me so quickly. It was great to see my husband behaving like a little kid when he opened it.
I just received my scarf today and I cannot believe how wonderful it is! The pictures on the
website do it no justice! I will be ordering some more soon and the people that have seen my scarf
already want to get them for themselves or as presents. I could not be happier.
I received it right on time, and wore it to the big Harry Potter premiere. It received lots of admiring comments, and I referred several people to your website -- hope it will be a very successful article -- it is lovely, and I'm enjoying it a great deal!

It took me 2 hours to find someone who would make a Harry Potter-like scarf for my husband. I was sooo excited when I finally found your site. Thanks alot!!! I ordered a scarf from you two years ago and it has become one of my most valued winter items. Keep up the good work. I chose this item because it most resembles Dr. Who's scarf. Also, your company has a good reputation online.


I've been looking for a different scarf. Loved your website when I saw it. My Christmas money from my mom is going towards this scarf. 12-05-2007 I just received my Dr Who scarf yesterday and it is even better then I had hoped! It also arrived much sooner then I ever expected. Thank you very much!!! Received the scarf today. It looks wonderful! Thanks so much...Stacey


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